Dragon Tower

The Origin

Difficulty: SS (Hard) | Duration: 60 minutes | Player: 5-10



According to the legend, there were five brave warriors…

Kight, Sorcerer, Archer, Thief, and Alchemist

They found a mysterious matter in the
Tower of Origin.

Their choice…
Have changed the fate of our world.

Each of your teammates will be assigned to the roles of the legendary knight, sorcerer, thief, elf archer, and alchemist.

You will start off in your individual rooms (don’t worry you can still see and hear each other) and work together to unleash the mysterious matter.

There are many puzzles in these rooms, so taking care of your own stuff is equally important as to share your information and work as a team.

This game requires 5 participants and may have up to 10 players.