About LXI What is room escape

T he earliest real-life room escape, “Origin”, was created in Silicon Valley by a group of system programmers in 2006. Since then, the trend had swept across the whole world and became the latest fashion in gaming, self-challenging, team building, and social networking. Legend X Iteration (AKA: LXI) is the first of its kind that built roleplaying into the system, giving its participants a whole new dimension of entertainment.

R oom Escaping Adventures are the latest fashion in team building and self-challenging. It brings the virtual world (game and movie) into reality and let you be the main character to solve the way out.

In each session there are series of clues and puzzles to test your knowledge, observations, and hands-on skills. It requires you to put on your Sherlock Holmes hat. Identify information, share all the findings, and perform different tasks with your teammates to solve the mystery.

At our location, each individual will be assigning a role of super hero and granting a power that is critical to complete the mission. You will become the successor of Lord of the Ring, Cyclops, Iron Man, Captain American, etc… And you must work together to succeed!

On top of that, unlike most other traditional “lock and key” establishments, we build technology (magic) into our story and system to provide a more exciting and immersive fun experience!
Did I forget to mention? Our themes are not scary- proved to be enjoyable from age 4 to 88!

For organizations and businesses that wish to use our service for your corporate training/team building/ice breaking events, please refer to “EVENT” on top.

LXI is a secret organization found by world profound superheroes, in disguise as a local business, to search for their next successors. Individuals working as a team may choose to accept the quest that suits their experience. To prove you have what it takes to become the next superhero: You may have to travel through time, you may have to fight dragon, and you may have to investigate a crime theme as a famous detective, or as an evil mastermind. Your move may turn a new page on the story, and your decision may change the fate of the characters.

Knowledge, Strength, Team Work, Observation, Attention to detail, Ability to Think Outside the Box.
All with a Brave Heart.

Do you have what it takes to success?  Are you ready to take the challenge?

You now have 60 minutes.  And remember…

Our world is depending on you to make a difference!