Dragon Tower

This is our most challenged game to date where 5 characters starting in 5 different rooms. Due to its difficulty, children under 13 years of age are not recommended to stay in any one of the 5 rooms alone. We are working on a kid friendly version of the Dragon Tower, but in the meantime, Royal Library is a great game for families and someone who is new to the world of Real-Life Adventure Games!

Difficulty: SSS (Very Hard) | Duration: 60 minutes | Player: 5-10 (Recommend 7-8)


Every 60 years,

the Dragon Tower opens its gate

to those who are worthy.

Many have tried. Most have failed.

You are all here with your own purpose and creeds.

But are you able to put it aside,

And work with those next to you?

to secure the great power

this tower has to offer.

And fight for the causes

you treasure the most in life…


According to the legend, there were five brave warriors…

Knight, Sorcerer, Archer, Thief, and Alchemist

They found a mysterious matter in the Dragon tower.

Their choice…
Have changed the fate of our world.

Each of your teammates will be assigned to the roles of the legendary knight, sorcerer, thief, elf archer, and alchemist.

You will start off in your individual rooms (don’t worry you can still see and hear each other) and work together to unleash the mysterious matter.

There are many puzzles to each character, but the time is limited, so the ability to work individually is as important as to share your information and work as a team.

This is a private game that requires a minimum of 5 players and can have up to 10 players.