The Dynasty China Theme Real Life Room Escape

Royal Library

Difficulty: A (Normal) | Duration: 60 minutes | Player: 2-4 (Recommend 4)


Travel back to ancient China,

where you become the superheroes with powers.

To retrieve the Forbidden Seal,

and help the crown prince fight against the evil chancellor!

Forbidden Seal, one of the ten most powerful sources in the 7 universes, contains the power that is yet unknown to our knowledge. There’s rumor saying “All Evils” stole it from an ancient empire centuries ago… and is about to do… well, their evil things.

Legends, we need to stop them from where it all happens. You will be going through a portal back to ancient China. Find the Forbidden Seal and help the crown prince fight against the evil chancellor!
The prince has positioned a guard outside of the Royal Library to help you. But the guard will not jeopardize his life for nothing. Some gold coins may be necessary to compensate his hard work!

The Portal you go through will be closed once you reached your destination. Find your way around and don’t let “All Evils” stop you.
Remember, you are going in as a team and I want you to return as a team. Help each other out and share your thoughts. Every little thing counts and no ideas shall go wasted. Our world is counting on you!

Lord of the Ring:

A ring that break all magic seals.


A red laser eye that can power up anything.

Dark Lantern:

A lantern that reflects the truth of the universe.


As bright as the sun, sometimes annoying… and rich!