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LXI Real Life Room Escape is the latest fashion in gaming, self-challenging, team building, and social networking. A group of people is locked in an area with a mission to accomplish. Puzzles and riddles are built into the storyline to test your observation and reasoning skills. Team works and communications are the key elements to solve your way out. It’s the adventure games you play coming to real life: The first time you are the actual protagonist in the movie other than just watching!

So am I really locked in there?

We are using the word “locked” for the entertainment perspective but the entrance you use to enter each area will remain unlocked at all time for emergency circumstances.

How long do I have to escape the room?

Each game last around 1 hour but you can prepare for about 90 minutes for the entire experience.

What if the room is too hard for us…? Just asking…

Ask for hint! This is your game and it is your responsibility to make it a FUN one! You will have unlimited hints at your expense and we are always on standby to help. But remember, hints are hints, it won’t give you direct answers. And if you asked for a hint, work with it, it will provide you more information as needed.

Why are you allowing us more hints? Other places don’t do that!

Simply put: We want you to have the best experience possible. Like in real life, you should be able to utilize your resources when facing challenge and we believe you will make the best decision on how to make your experience a great one. We want you to have a wonderful hour with us and leave with a smile on your face.

Is there an age limit? I want to bring my new born baby!

We ask a guardian to be in the room with young adults under 13. Children under 6 might not be able to understand but hey! They probably don’t understand Disneyland or foreign countries either! It’s those photos remind us the precious moments we have in life.

Can I bring my phone with me inside? I promise i won’t use it.

Yes, cellphones are allowed in case of your emergency. But please restrain yourself from using it for any game related activities (Google, lighting, photo, etc). And please do not use it unless there is an emergency. As it will take you out of character and ruin other players’ experience.

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